We are ACNR

What is the first thing you do when you get a new electronic gadget? If you're like us you probably pick it apart, hack it and improve it. Ever since we were kids we didn't accept things as they were and we've been thinking out of the box ever since.

An idea came to mind. Why not create a business where we can do this all day long? Said and done, in the spring of 2020 we opened shop and in December we moved in to our own new fully equipped and higly secure makerspace in central Stockholm.

We are technology geeks with a love for both hardware and software. Our skills include:
- Reverse engineering
- Development (low/high level)
- Hardware hacking, design and prototyping
- Pentesting
- Radio
- Networks and security

We're small and want to stay small but have room for a few more. Are you one of us?